Text that says something about insights
Text that says something about insights

ImageSat International (ISI) has announced partnership with ST Engineering Satellite Systems and ST Engineering Geo-Insights

As part of this strategic collaborations, the companies will jointly develop and commercialize innovative earth observation satellite systems. Today, on February 15, 2024, ISI, a leading provider of space-based geospatial intelligence solutions has announced a strategic collaboration with the companies ST Engineering Geo-Insights and ST Engineering Satellite Systems, a subsidiary of ST Engineering- a global technology, defense and engineering group based in Singapore. As the first step in this strategic collaborations, the companies have agreed to develop and launch an innovative high-resolution satellite system named KNIGHT, which will be jointly commercialized by the companies fostering global expansion and business growth. The groundbreaking KNIGHT satellite introduces very high-resolution true-color imagery at 50cm native resolution, Full Motion Video true-color (FMV), cutting-edge SWIR imaging technology at 1.5m resolution, onboard processing system and intersatellite link to support dynamic tasking. The KNIGHT satellite will join the existing satellite constellations- ISI GlobalEye and ST Engineering SatSys’ Near Equatorial Orbit Constellation to extend satellite services & geospatial insights-as-a-service to worldwide customers. In addition to high resolution satellite imaging services, the companies intend to offer their customers the KNIGHT satellite system on an ownership model, as part of the companies satellite system portfolios Beyond satellite systems, the companies [...]

February 15th, 2024|

ISI Imagesat signs multi-annual contract with strategic customer worth $37.5M for EROS C satellite services

January 8th, 2024|

Imagesat International (ISI), a world leader in Space-Based intelligence solutions, announced today (January 8, 2024)  it was awarded a contract worth $37.5M for the provision of satellite services to an undisclosed strategic customer over [...]

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