KNIGHT is the world’s first military-grade New-Space satellite, providing the high-end capabilities and performance of a traditional strategic earth observation satellite in a cost effective and affordable working point designed to support high revisit constellations.

Based on vast operational experience gained over two decades serving some of the world’s leading intelligence agencies, KNIGHT is capable of 50cm resolution true color video and imagery with groundbreaking agility and performance.

KNIGHT features many cutting-edge technologies, such as high-resolution SWIR imagery and video for night time, low light conditions, dust & haze operation, super resolution, and an onboard mission processing system. Together with an innovative ground control segment, KNIGHT exceeds traditional intelligence satellites capabilities and sets new standards for defense & intelligence missions.

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of defense and intelligence organizations, KNIGHT provides complete confidentiality and data security.  This includes data encryption, cyber protection suite, direct access capability and complete independence, all operated by ISI’s advanced ground segment.


Imaging Modes Panchromatic, Multispectral (RGB), SWIR, True color HD video, SWIR HD video
Resolution VIS – 0.5 m
SWIR – 1.5 m
Spectral Bands 400-900 nm; 1000-1700 nm
Swath VIS – 400 nm to 900 nm
SWIR – 1000 nm to 1700 nm
Lifespan 7 years
Weight 250 kg


  • 50 cm resolution in VIS

  • 1.5m resolution in SWIR

  • VIS & SWIR video capability

  • True color imaging

  • Direct tasking

  • Advanced On-Board processing

  • Ultimate security and confidentiality