ImageSat International, an end-to-end geospatial solutions provider, and Magnus International Search and Rescue have launched an Emergency and Disaster Management service that enables countries, cities and remote government areas to prepare for a natural disaster and, if a disaster occurs, manage it optimally.

The Emergency and Disaster Management service utilizes ImageSat International’s ISI satellite intelligence services to control and mitigate crisis situations and natural disasters, and obtain satellite imagery and analytics on demand to maintain updated situational awareness on a large scale.

Combined with Magnus Elite service, governments, business and expeditions operating in high-risk or disaster-prone environments can maximize the security of the individuals at risk. The emergency management service is a long-term process in which ISI and Magnus accompany the client from the initial step of clearly defining the major risk factors and threats, to supporting them in real-life emergencies where every second counts.

Additional capacity is a self-sustained and deployable satellite ground control station, which enables intelligence and analytics as a service without waiting for the imagery to download, be analyzed and sent to the disaster area.