EROS-C is a state-of-the-art earth observation satellite, with superb image quality providing ultra high-resolution imagery. It is designed to support the most demanding operational challenges defense & intelligence organizations are presently facing.

The satellite was launched into a mid-inclination orbit, resulting in high revisit rate and diverse imaging time, enhancing its intelligence gathering capabilities. Along with its extreme agility, allowing higher imaging capacity per pass, the EROS-C is a truly powerful intelligence collection asset.

EROS-C, serves as the backbone of the EROS-NG™ constellation. through ISI’s advanced ground control segment, it enables defense and intelligence organizations to conduct operations under complete confidentiality and data protection, as well as independent mission execution, with no preemption / shutter control.


Imaging Modes Spot, strip, mosaic, stereoscopics
Resolution 30 cm
Spectral Bands 450÷900 nm
Swath 12.5 km
Weight 400 kg


  • 30 cm resolution \ 60 cm Multi Spectral resolution

  • Unmatched revisit & diversified imaging time

  • Unique Wide Scan capability

  • Ultimate Confidentiality & security

  • No preemption \ shutter control