EROS-B is a highly capable military grade satellite. Providing superb imaging services to some of the world’s most demanding defense and intelligence organizations over the last 15 years.

EROS B provides high resolution 50 cm resolution imagery and is characterized by it’s extreme agility vs it’s low weight, which enables acquisition of tens of scattered targets in a single pass.

EROS-B has a unique system architecture supporting direct satellite tasking by multiple customers while ensuring complete confidentiality and data security.

EROS-B supports quick reaction times of less than 90 minutes for the execution of the entire mission cycle from the mission planning stage, through the satellite tasking to image acquisition.


Native Resolution 50 cm
Spectral bands Pan
Swath 7 km
Weight 285 kg
Lifespan > 2025


  • Highly agile, proven & mature

  • 50 cm native resolution

  • Night imaging capability

  • 90 minutes collection cycle

  • Direct tasking by customers