Imagesat International (ISI), a world leader in Space-Based intelligence solutions, announced today (January 8, 2024)  it was awarded a contract worth $37.5M for the provision of satellite services to an undisclosed strategic customer over a period of 5 years.

Under this contract ISI will provide the customer 30 cm resolution imaging services by it’s EROS C3 and EROS C2 satellites as well as ground station and maintenance services.

The agreement includes an option to extend the agreement in five more years for an additional $37.5M.

ISI CEO Noam Segal stated, “The recent award of this strategic agreement is a significant milestone for the company. We’ve observed a rise in demand for our products and solutions due to the current geopolitical situation in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Simultaneously, we are actively expanding existing agreements and pursuing new ones. Moving forward, our focus is on maintaining the momentum of development and expansion while collaborating with strategic partners and potential customers.”

About ISI

ISI (ImageSat International) is a world leader in providing space-based intelligence solutions and services utilizing its EROS NG™ (Next Generation) Earth observation satellite constellation. For over two decades, ISI is successfully providing turn-key programs and services for its customers, combining high-resolution satellite imagery, integrating ground-based command and control systems and advanced AI-based geospatial intelligence and analytical systems.