Global Eye is a Multi-Mission Multi-Sensor High Revisit satellite constellation, of high-resolution earth observation satellites.
Based on ISI class leading satellites, such as Runner and Knight as well as additional revolutionary satellites, currently in development process, Global Eye features unique sensor technology, unprecedented revisit and area coverage, extended platform agility and duty cycle and advanced on-board processing capabilities.
Global Eye is part of ISI satellite services solutions. Designed for synergetic operation with the EROS NG constellation, Global Eye complements the EROS NG by enhancing revisit rate and area coverage even further.

Controlled by ISI ClearSky ground segment, Global Eye introduces the next level of AI based mission management and execution. Using innovative AI based analytics, the system supports optimal and effective decision making in near-real time, empowering it’s users with in-depth analysis of all gathered information as well as accurate and rapid reaction ability to any changes in the battle field.

Utilizing ISI existing infrastructures and capabilities, the Global Eye constellation ensures ultimate security and confidentiality throughout the entire mission cycle, thus allowing it’s users to operate and use it as if it were a national owned asset.