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Space-based intelligence
World Leader

ISI is a world leader in space-based intelligence solutions. Serving for more than 20 years as a trusted partner of some of the worlds most demanding defense and intelligence organizations. Providing high quality mission capabilities specifically tailored to deal with their most strategic and sensitive intelligence needs and challenges.

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For the last two decades, ISI has pioneering innovation in space-based intelligence solutions and developed tremendous technological expertise while redefining the way intelligence is gathered from space over and over again.

Presently, ISI is encompassing all technological building blocks required for providing space-based persistent surveillance solutions, including development of mission effective satellite systems, AI based intelligence solutions and multi satellite command and control ground systems designed for the operation of large scale high revisit satellite constellations.

Revolutionary Mission
Focused innovation

Our most valuable asset are our devoted talented teams incorporating vast operational knowledge and experience in intelligence and satellite operation, with unsurpassed technological leadership and expertise. This extraordinary combination allows us to develop innovative mission focused solutions specifically tailored to the operational needs of our mission-partners.