Persistent Maritime Surveillance

Maritime Awareness

Kingfisher is a persistent surveillance solution for the maritime domain.  It provides unprecedented maritime awareness, target tracking and identification capabilities over enormous areas that would otherwise be out of the reach of traditional platforms and solutions.

Kingfisher sets new standards for maritime awareness through the complementary and synchronized operation of various space based sensors such as Electro-Optic, SAR, RF, and AIS.

Nowhere to hide

We have modeled and automatized operational processes and analytical methodology of Intelligence Analysis Units when we developed this solution.  ClearSky Analytics transforms the traditional role of the intelligence analyst into decision maker by introducing machine-based analytics which perform complex, time consuming processes in a blink of an eye.

Lighting all

Kingfisher is an ideal solution for the detection of “dark” (non-cooperative) ships which try to avoid detection by shutting down their AIS signals.

Kingfisher is based on the correlation of the actual location of ships within a certain area (derived by the automatic analysis of satellite imagery) with the reported locations by the AIS. This allows the system to instantly reveal all “dark” ships as well as any attempt to manipulate AIS.

See Through
an Ocean of Data

Kingfisher is a modular, adaptive, ever-improving intelligence solution which meets diverse challenges in the maritime arena. It is the perfect tool in monitoring naval activity, IUU fishing,  piracy, counter-terrorism, people/contraband smuggling , assessing commodities volume and securing offshore assets.  Kingfisher provides decision-makers with unmatched understanding of the ocean based on fusion of a variety of intelligence layers and sources.