Obtaining analysis skills

Creating an intelligence center

ISI has more than 20 years of experience in establishing operational intelligence units worldwide. ISI partners with clients to develop their geospatial intelligence abilities and skills, and in maintaining their own imagery intelligence (IMINT) units.

Using broad capabilities
for advanced learning

ISI offers end-to-end training and support services in intelligence unit establishment, focusing on IMINT capabilities and different visual sensors (mainly EO and SAR satellites, UAV and drones). The process begins by screening potential personnel and continues providing basic to advanced courses to all related professions (intelligence analysts, imagery experts, satellite operators and more). The training process is supplemented by ongoing operational support and consulting, till the established unit is independent and fully operational.

professional programs

ISI Intelligence Academy personnel consists of highly experienced Israeli intelligence experts from different professional backgrounds.  Our experts ensure that the professional programs are customized to the customer’s operational needs. ISI personnel have expertise with a wide range of intelligence disciplines, both in the defense & security realm and for civilian needs.  Our areas of expertise include terrain analysis, counter-terrorism & insurgency, ground, aerial and maritime intelligence, border monitoring, GIS, business and economic intelligence and a wide range of other use cases. In addition, ISI Academy provides qualification for intelligence management, including interpretation, analysis, OSINT and collection.

thorough training

ISI Intelligence academy provides theory and practical knowledge in a realistic and operational environment, based on real scenarios, data and innovative systems and methods. In addition to frontal lectures, time is invested in drills and tests. On top of structured frontal courses, ISI offers e-learning (ISI Remote Academy) with additional services