Leveraging over 20 years of operational experience, RUNNER is ideally equipped for military intelligence collection missions. RUNNER features 70 cm resolution imagery, true color high definition video, adaptive on-board processing capabilities and super-resolution.

RUNNER is optimally designed to form high-resolution / high-revisit satellite constellations with cutting-edge high-resolution image quality, high platform agility and maneuverability in a cost-effective and affordable solution.

This unique working point, combining unprecedented performance with the affordability of a new-space platform, places RUNNER as an ideal entry point for customers who wish to establish their own national earth observation satellite capabilities.


Imaging Modes Spot, strip, mosaic, stereoscopic, video
Resolution < 70 cm
Spectral Bands 400÷670 nm
Swath 5.6 km
Lifespan 5 years
Weight 86 kg


  • 70 cm resolution in VIS

  • True-Color Video & Super-Resolution

  • Adaptive on-board processing

  • Secured & encrypted communication

  • Effective & Affordable

  • Direct Command Access by Customers