Mission Oriented Command & Control

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ClearSky™ is a revolutionary Multi-Mission Multi-Satellite Command & Control system, designed for the end-to-end operation of diverse Earth observation satellite constellations in real time.

As a platform-agnostic solution, ClearSky™ supports seamless integration of a variety of satellites and sensors presenting a modular, flexible, adaptive and scalable solution for high-revisit heterogenous Earth observation satellite constellations.

Mission Flow

Unique innovative, mission-oriented approach allowing the system users to define intelligence queries which are automatically processed into detailed collection requests.

ClearSky™ Automatic Collection Management Module instantly receives any new collection request generated by the different users and automatically integrates it into an ongoing optimized adaptive collection plan for the entire satellite constellation.

protection &

Designed for the execution of highly classified intelligence missions, ClearSky™ ensures complete confidentiality and maximal security for the satellites as well as for all data and information, thus assuring the execution of your most sensitive missions.