The EROS NG™ Constellation is one of the world’s most powerful intelligence collection assets, comprised out of 6 Ultra High performance, military-grade earth observation satellites launched into a mid-inclination orbit, thus empowering its users with unmatched mission capabilities.

Designed to meet modern day’s demanding operational challenges, the EROS NG™ Constellation introduces Ultra-Sharp imagery and wide area collection capability at an unprecedented revisit rate.

Each of the 6 Next Generation satellites is a military grade proven and mature platform. They enable defense and intelligence organizations complete confidentiality, data protection, and independent mission execution.

The EROS NG™ is controlled and operated by ISI’s innovative ClearSky ground control segment which employs sophisticated AI capabilities to automatically execute all collection missions for the entire constellation. This allows optimal and effective mission planning, while enabling direct access by multiple users to each of the satellites.

Designed to serve the world’s leading defense and intelligence agencies, the EROS-NG™ constellation ensures complete independence during the entire operational cycle, as well as complete confidentiality, encryption and cyber security.