SPRINTER is a highly capable, high-resolution and low-weight Micro Satellite, specifically designed to operate as part of large-scale High Revisit Satellite Constellations.

SPRINTER delivers exceptional features of superior imagery, agile maneuvering, enhanced target collection capability and wide-area coverage, making it a class leading intelligence gathering asset.

SPRINTER introduces special design considerations for large scale high revisit earth observation satellite constellations. It is characterized by unmatched mission effectiveness for a platform of its size with light weight of 35 kg and small dimensions which ensures affordable launch options.


Imaging Modes Spot, strip, mosaic, video
Resolution < 100 cm
Spectral Bands 400÷670nm
Swath 7 km
Lifespan 4 years
Weight 35 kg


  • 100 cm resolution imagery

  • Optimal working point for high revisit constellations, Resolution \ Size \ Cost, Multispectral Video

  • On-Board processing

  • Optimal size \ cost working point

  • Ideal for high revisit constellations