Ground Control Center in a box

Ground Systems

As satellites are highly valuable strategic intelligence assets, all different system components are under the constant threat of different hostile activities by adversaries with the goal of preventing or disrupting the intelligence mission by various measures. The satellite ground stations are likely to be targeted by such activities during escalations.

In order to assure operational capabilities and flawless mission execution at the time they are most needed, ISI has developed MiniTer – a family of lightweight deployable expeditionary satellite ground systems.


MiniTer enables the self-sustained execution of the entire satellite mission cycle anywhere, by a team of only 2 mission operators supporting mission planning,  satellite tasking, real-time downlink of the imagery, processing and interpterion. Due to its small logistic footprint, MiniTer can be deployed practically anywhere.

Disaster Management

MiniTer is an ideal solution for large-scale disaster management operations in which a severe damage to all communication infrastructures is expected.