Cyber for Space
360 Protection Suite

the threat

As some of the most valuable intelligence collection assets, Earth observation satellites are facing an ever growing threat by various adversaries resulting in an imminent risk for the platforms as well as for data leaks.

ISI cyber protection suite  is protecting it’s own earth observation satellites as well as a variety of satellite ground command and control segments of it’s customers.

Multilayered solution

ISI developed a complete, multi layered Cyber protection solution architecture, designed in an integrated approach to handle all system safeguarding aspects.

This one of a kind protection solution is leveraging gained experience accumulated through designing and implementing protection means into the satellite ground control systems for some of the most demanding defense and intelligence agencies world wide.

Proven & Mature

Based of over 20 years of experience in protecting confidential customer data, ISI is offering a multi layered cyber protection suite, assuring ultimate level of data security and complete confidentiality in the entire mission cycle.