ISI is looking for a talented software engineer to join our AI Engineering team.
The team is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of infrastructure that supports both researches, serving and auto-training of computer vision algorithms and models.

• 3+ years of experience as a Software Developer/Engineer
• B.Sc (or higher) degree in CS/EE
• Proficiency in one or more modern programming language such as: Python, Java, C++, C#
• Experience with SQL/NoSQL and Docker

Take a lead part in shaping and developing ISI’s core AutoML platform, from building a complex microservices system, to creating tools for running workflows for training, deploying and monitoring of ML models at scale.
Work closely with researchers, data engineers and product teams to facilitate pipelines to support state-of-the-art image processing and analytic products


• Experience working with containerized micro services in cloud environments such as AWS, GCP, Azure
• Kubernetes, Airflow, Prefect, AWS step function
• Infrastructure as code with Terraform/Ansible/AWS CloudFormation
• Processing of large images, GIS, intelligence systems